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How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in Pocatello, Idaho?

Rent Storage units in Pocatello, Idaho by Pocatello Business Park & Storage

Thinking about renting a storage unit in Pocatello?

Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just need some extra space, understanding the cost of storage units can help you plan better. Pocatello offers a range of storage options, so let’s dive into what you can expect!

Factors Influencing Storage Unit Costs

1. Size Matters

Small Units (e.g., 6×10 feet)

  • Perfect for a few boxes and small furniture.
  • Typically around $49/month.

Medium Units (e.g., 10×10, 12×10)

  • Great for storing the contents of a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Costs range from $95 to $100/month.

Large Units (e.g., 10×20, 12×20)

  • Ideal for storing the contents of a two to three-bedroom house.
  • Prices range from $110 to $120/month.

Extra Large Units (e.g., 12×30, 12×32)

  • Perfect for vehicles or large equipment.
  • Costs range from $140 to $170/month.

Specialty Units (e.g., 1100 sf shops, 40×40)

  • Best for commercial needs or significant storage.
  • Prices range from $1,000 to $1,200/month.

2. Location, Location, Location

Ease of Access

  • Units closer to the entrance or on the ground floor may cost a bit more due to their convenience.

3. Extra Features

Climate Control

  • Keeps your items safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Typically adds to the monthly cost.


  • Features like surveillance cameras and keypad entry can increase the price but offer peace of mind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Estimate Your Space

  • Make a list of what you’ll store to choose the right size.

Convenience Counts

  • If you’ll need frequent access, consider a unit that’s easy to get to, even if it costs a bit more.

What’s Worth Paying For?

  • Decide if you need climate control or extra security based on the value of your items.


Finding Your Perfect Storage Solution in Pocatello

In a nutshell, storage costs in Pocatello vary based on size, location, and features. Take some time to assess what you really need and balance it with your budget. For reliable options, check out Pocatello Business Park & Storage—they’ve got a range of units to fit any need.

Ready to Rent? Visit Pocatello Business Park & Storage to find your perfect unit today!

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